Project Associate And Management Support



Since the restoration of independence in 2002, Timor-Leste has focused its attention on addressing complex development challenges guided by its Strategic Development Plan to be upper-middle income country by 2030. To date, Timor-Leste has made great progress in peace and development since it gained independence eighteen years ago. However, Timor-Leste’s economy is highly dependent on oil revenues. Moreover, the country is also facing a rapid growth of the young population with a high unemployment rate. 74% of the country’s population below age 35, most of which are not in employment nor education. The recently launched 4th National Human Development Report (NHDR) found that 80% are not formally employed and 25% are not looking because they are discouraged by the difficulty of finding work. Moreover, one of the main findings highlights that 45% had basic education as the highest level of education attainment, and 60% aspire to take further studies/training but only 1/3 received any training. 

With this growing concern, the Accelerator Lab Timor-Leste as one of the 91 labs serving 115 countries established around the world together with UNDP’s core partners, the State of Qatar and the Federal Republic of Germany is working with national and global partners to find radically new approaches that fit the complexity of current development challenges. The Labs is based on the following four key principles:

  • Building on locally sourced solutions, finding things that work and expanding on them
  • Rapid testing and iteration to implement what works and go beyond the obvious solutions
  • Combining the best understanding, ideas, and expertise to generate collective knowledge
  • Accelerating progress by bringing expertise, creativity, and collective intelligence to bear.

The Accelerator Lab (Acc.Lab) Timor-Leste itself was launched on 16 August 2019. Acc.Labs aims to unlock the potential of Timorese people and the grassroot solutions to support Timor-Leste’s efforts towards eradicating poverty, establish sustainable and diversified non-oil economy, and become an upper middle-income country by 2030 (Timor-Leste’s Strategic Development Plan 2011-2030)

The lab is led by core team of three heads: the head of exploration, head of experimentation and head of solutions mapping. The incumbent will be fully responsible to report any progress that she/he does to head of exploration TLS Acc.Lab as his/her line supervisor.

Duties and Responsibilities

Under the supervision of Accelerator Lab Core Team, the project associate and management support officer is responsible for the following: 

Summary of key functions:

  • Support day-to-day operation and management of resources of the Accelerator Lab Timor-Leste
  • Planning and implementation annual work plans including inserting data in Quantum
  • Monitoring and reporting on results and impact   
  • Communication and knowledge sharing  

I. Support day-to-day operation and management of resources of the Accelerator Lab Timor-Leste by providing administrative, financial, and procurement support

  • Provide administrative and finance related support including drafting letters, minutes of meetings, and processing payment for renting premises, venues, equipment, travels, etc.
  • Support procurement of goods and services such as hiring of individual consultants and companies, purchasing equipment and other goods, and stationaries.  This includes drafting of ToRs, request of quotations, request for proposals, and micro-purchasing, and prepare all supporting documents for contract processing including requisitions.
  • Provide logistical support such as booking of venues and venue setting-up, ensure invitation delivery and follow-up to ensure attendance, printing of materials, and arrange other equipment/tools needed such as simultaneous translation equipment, etc.
  • Assist the Accelerator Lab team to liaise effectively with all stakeholders including vendors (LTAs) related to Acc.Lab ongoing and planned activities in close collaboration with UNDP Procurement Unit
  • Ensure proper archive of all documents including procurement and financial related documents, proposal, and reports including delivery reports and deliverables of all ICs.
  • Maintain/update asset inventory of all equipment of AccLab.

II. Support Planning and Implementation of the work plan  

  • Support in drafting Annual Work Plans (AWPs) of both Accelerator Lab for review and approval including uploading on to Quantum
  • Support monthly and weekly planning of activities including regularly updating the monthly/weekly calendar of events with input from another team.

III. Monitoring and reporting

  • Periodically monitor delivery status and alert the coordinator/management on actions to increase delivery or any adjustment needed.
  • Support in drafting quarterly and annual progress report, as well as donor reports are per the template provided including financial report.
  • Support in conducting monitoring visit as well as solution safari to assess result/impact as well as challenges facing the aspiring youth entrepreneurs/innovator as well as potential solutions providers.
  • Support in documenting and analyzing activity reports from partners for reporting of the result of the lab
  • Monitor and update the risk logs as well as transparency portal to ensure result against each indicator as well as all required documents are uploaded onto Quantum project management module.          

Institutional Arrangement

The project associate and management support staff will report to the Head of Exploration, Timor-Leste Accelerator Lab


Core Competencies:

Achieve Results:

LEVEL 1: Plans and monitors own work, pays attention to details, delivers quality work by deadline

Think Innovatively:

LEVEL 1: Open to creative ideas/known risks, is pragmatic problem solver, makes improvements

Learn Continuously:

LEVEL 1: Open minded and curious, shares knowledge, learns from mistakes, asks for feedback

Adapt with Agility:

LEVEL 1: Adapts to change, constructively handles ambiguity/uncertainty, is flexible

Act with Determination:

LEVEL 1: Shows drive and motivation, able to deliver calmly in face of adversity, confident

Engage and Partner:

LEVEL 1: Demonstrates compassion/understanding towards others, forms positive relationships

Enable Diversity and Inclusion:

LEVEL 1: Appreciate/respect differences, aware of unconscious bias, confront discrimination

Cross-Functional & Technical competencies

Thematic Area



Business Direction & Strategy

Strategic Thinking

  • Ability to develop effective strategies and prioritized plans in line with UNDP’s objectives, based on the systemic analysis of challenges, potential risks and opportunities; linking the vision to reality on the ground, and creating tangible solutions
  • Ability to leverage learning from a variety of sources to anticipate and respond to future trends; to demonstrate foresight in order to model what future developments and possible ways forward look like for UNDP

Business Development

Knowledge Facilitation

  • Ability to animate individuals and communities of contributors to participate and share, particularly externally

Business Management

Project Management

  • Ability to plan, organize, prioritize and control resources, procedures and protocols to achieve specific goals

Administration & Operations

Building, facilities & office space management

  • Knowledge and ability to facilitate the renovation and upgrade of offices including review of complex engineering/architectural drawings; negotiate technical agreements to ensure fully operational building infrastructure and services; design policy & procedure (POPP) for premises and facilities including space standards; manage premises and facilities; validate financial statement notes on leasehold data


Financial planning and budgeting

  • Ability to create and manage processes to achieve UNDP's long and short-term financial goals, including through planning, budgeting, forecasting, analysing and reporting


Management and cost accounting

  • Ability to produce periodic qualitative and quantitative performance reports to facilitate effective decision making and performance monitoring. Ability to use a range of costing techniques and analyse cost related data to provide quantitative information to the users of reports.

HR - People strategy and planning

Workforce planning

  • Knowledge of theories, mechanisms and tools to analyse the current workforce, determine future workforce needs, as they align to the needs of the business, identify the gap between the present capabilities in the workforce and the organizations needs, and design and implement talent acquisition and development solutions so that an organization can have the required capacity to accomplish its mission, goals, and strategic plan

Required Skills and Experience

Min. Education requirements: 

  • Completion of Secondary education is required or Bachelor Degree in Administration, Finance, and or Economics is an asset

Min. years of relevant work experience:

  • Secondary education with minimum of 6 years of experience or bachelor degree with 3 years of relevance experience in in administration, finance and operations or  

 Required  skills:

  • Experience in operation and management
  • Experience in the area of administrative, financial, and procurement support
  • Experience in preparing project financial report and budgeting.
  • Experience in Monitoring and project reporting

Desired skills in addition to the competencies covered in the Competencies section:

  • Experience in the usage of computers and office software   packages (MS   Word,  Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) and knowledge of spreadsheet and database packages and  web-based management information systems
  • Work experience with the UN system is advantage.
  • Previous experience with an international agency, governmental organization is desirable
  • Team work, has ability to identify gaps in delivering programming 

Required Language(s) :

  • Tetun and English